Thursday, April 28, 2011

who needs a gym?

Before you read this: please do not mind the lack of fashionable workout gear, the lack of a pedicure, or the lack of pants on my two year (potty training in high gear around here)

So THIS is my gym. "Hmmm" you say "where are the weights, where are the fancy treadmills, t.v's and gym freaks?" Well, I have kids: much better!
Dragging children along the floor, clasped to your ankles is a great workout for the back of the thighs!

Here I am working on my arms...
I've now increased the weights and am working on my hamstrings.
Some squats...
Working the bycepts.
Plank pose...
push-ups with a little extra (55 lb) challenge

More squats, increasing the weights this time.

Working out with kids. The laughter goes right to those abs, the workout is intense and the fun never-ending!

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Luma said...

That's awesome! Keep having fun with them, they grow up fast.