Monday, April 25, 2011

coming down off the sugar

Here are my five sweet kiddos in their Easter Sunday best. Easter was fantastic, good church service, good ham, mashed potatoes, good Asparagus/hollandaise casserole (an invention of mine), good rolls, and LOTS of candy. So much candy!!!! The kids were a little twitchy this morning... right back into homeschool? nope! Let's start slow.
I have a lot of packages of photo paper I snagged in a cleaning out of a school supply stash. What to do with all that paper. I was inspired by this San Diego artist's work and I thought it would be fun to mimic her art. So here are a few snaps from our ink and watercolor project.

I did this one for demonstration, not very good, but you get the idea.

I love the abstractness of my two year old's artwork. The kids loved this project. Great way to warm up slowly into the schooling work-week. Happy Easter to all of you. and remember... He is Risen... He is Risen Indeed!!!!

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