Sunday, December 19, 2010

A lovely wedding, a lovely visit

We had a wonderful time in lovely South Carolina (Charleston and Folly Beach) except for.... four very sick children. Fevers, coughing, sneezing, sore throats. You name it. Not fun! But spending time with family, lovely Christmas memories, and visiting was wonderful! You can see a high fever on Abi's face above. Poor thing!
doing some make up touch ups.
My "little" brother and I
Here is my sweet angel flower girl. She took my breath away.
My Soeren, uncle tony and my brother.
My father looking at his daughters in admiration. So sweet!
Getting to walk down the aisle with my older brother Michael.
a sweet pic of my little guy and I.
Flower girls. (and their four uncles behind) I found these dresses at the Thrift store for about five dollars each. It worked and I was happy!
These cousins are a week apart. And sooooo adorable.
Everyone thought Gennevieve was so precious, and this picture is beautiful. But I'm thinking it was the Tylenol working :)

The girls!!!!
So many special memories made. We trimmed the tree. My sister and I got to go through my grandmother and greatgrandmothers jewelry and special things. It was magical to have a legacy to keep, something to hand down to my daughters some day. I'll post pics of the incredible beach house we stayed in later. Amazing!!!! I could have stayed!!! So wonderful, just wished the kids had felt better.