Saturday, July 20, 2013

long time comin!

I realize it's been an obscenely long time since I've posted anything, and maybe no one looks at my posts and maybe I do this more for a journal to myself that for anything else. But I don't want to drop it all together and I apologize for my tardiness. Lets see what happened..oh...

I moved...
to Moscow, ID. And we all love it here.. It's gorgeous!!

and we love the people here.

We've had a tricky go of it for summer work, so Jacob is back down in Phoenix helping out his boss for the summer and I am the single mom to six children. We have been busy, which is good and it keeps our minds off missing the coolest man in the world, but I think I wore them out totally and completely and everyone has had a melt down and gone to bed early. I can't complain though, my thankful list is nice and long.
Thankful for Farmers Markets, bluegrass bands and hot, fresh donuts..

My children got to take part in Music camp, which blessed them and especially me immensely!

Thankful for flowers that seem to pop up everywhere here..
for strong coffee...
for free movies in the park...
pizza and movie nights..
chalk drawings my children drew..
watching my children dance in a ball...
seeing my son get up on stage in a trio and sing his heart out..

I think next week, I shall slow down and try to grab some sense of normalcy. Gennevieve has ballet camp, but the rest of the kiddos will get back to Math, a clean house, a Mama that bakes, and sews, and earlier bed times. (crossing my fingers on that last one!)
Well, I had a start..
I couldn't find my favorite mix, so I made it myself and it saved me many a moola! Just mix: dried lavender flowers, marjoram, savory, basil, sage leaves, thyme, oregano. Equal parts I believe. Put it on chicken, put it on baked bread, put it in butter, put it on everything. I'm in love!