Monday, April 4, 2011

Blissfull weekending

Lovely April weekend of very warm temperatures. Exciting events like babies standing, enjoying company and fellowship with wonderful people, really good food( peanut butter chocolate chip cookies being one of them) Babies being passed around, wine being passed around, laughter being passed around: beautiful!
Smiling babies!!!
Beautiful gifts from a lovely friend, pretty things that bring a smile to my face!
Weeding, weeding and more weeding and counting all the blossoms on my habanero plant.
and all the lovely yellow heirloom tomatoes I'm about to enjoy
And the exciting beef steam tomato coming along nicely...
And one hilarious and now POTTY TRAINED two (almost three!) year old.
Looking forward to watching this movie a friend lent me. Can't wait!!! Also excited to dive into this book which just came in the mail. Looking forward to family coming to town to visit....happy Spring days indeed. Blissfull indeed!