Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One of those scary moments...

As a mother, you get used to certain things (scraped knees, nightmares, lose teeth, normal fevers) And then there are the moments that scare you half to death and find you at 4am begging God to help. These last few days have been this way. Two Mondays ago Aiden had his two year old shots (6 of them to be exact) That night he had a raging fever, which I thought was due to the shots, but it was an awfully high fever. So that Wednesday I took him in and it turned out that he had a terrible ear infection. Antibiotics were given, etc. The doctor warned that the fever would return a week after shots and that that would be normal. So... on Monday when the fever arrived, I was ready for it. Well, I thought I would be ready for it. Pretty soon, I couldn't fight the fever with Tylenol and Motrin, he was throwing up the medicine and had no appetite. He started getting more and more lethargic and then the fever spiked at 104.5. I knew something wasn't right. Jacob and I and Aiden hadn't slept in a couple nights and it was getting worse, not better. So I took him back to the doctors. He was so lethargic he couldn't hold his head up and the fever was back to 103. It really alarmed the doctor and he said he was glad I gave him gatorade and it was the only thing keeping him from slipping into something worse. But that Aiden needed an antibiotic shot. A "grand slam" "shotgun effect" sort of shot that would destroy the infection. If it didn't work, we'd have to get another one the next day and if the fever still hadn't left by Friday, they'd have to get more serious. So a shot in the behind later, my Aiden this afternoon finally had the fever break and he slept much better than he had in a week. Major sigh of relief!

the very cool patch on his head I found at Walmart. They are cool gel packs you stick on their foreheads that stay there and keep the fever at bay (kind of like a washcloth, but doesn't fall off) Hooray for "cool" inventions!