Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Easter tree

My girls and I are really into Tasha Tudor books right now. I love Tasha's simple, but beautiful art and I must say that reading about farming and chickens, and canning and candle making with a large family on a nice piece of land is just so appealing. Maybe some day. We had a recent stroke of inspiration...

This is from her book "A time to keep". It's probably my favorite of all her books, full of ideas, and lovely, simple traditions. So here is what we came up with

I still wanted to make this an "Easter tree" and not just a "Spring tree", so we added some verses on the Resurrection to remind us that we would be nothing, there would be no Spring, or New Life without the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Here I am at 24 weeks. My kids all had a weird and strange rash that made them all itchy and miserable. I'm still not sure where it came from for sure, but thankfully, it is gone now. Here is my little Soeren and I snuggling. Sometimes we just need a big dose of comfort from Mama and nothing else will work. I am always happy to oblige!