Friday, October 21, 2011

a little vacation...

Sorry, I've been unfaithful for a bit to the blogging world. So much going on lately, and trying to catch my breath. I was in a car accident, luckily I'm fine, but my poor car was not and after a month, I'm just getting it back from the shop. Also, we've discovered an allergy that we didn't realize was making the children worse and worse. Poor Gennevieve was so miserable, I would find her on the floor, rolling around and screaming "I itch!!!" So it's no more gluten and no more seafood. Both of those things cause a reaction, although the seafood is way more severe. We're trying to be a "gluten-free" family as it's helping all sorts of problems we didn't realize were linked. Although Jake and I find ourselves cheating sometimes... 

We recently had the joy of having a mini-vacation: The Grand Canyon and camping at Oak Creek Canyon. It was magical, it was perfect, we didn't want it to end. Here are some pictures to share.

 I think I had 10 mini heart attacks that day. So many places with no railings, which is so scary having five adventurous kids!!

This little guy was in train heaven!!!

Our view from our tent at Oak Creek Canyon. It was so beautiful!

Me and the fall leaves. Oh how I love fall!