Saturday, June 26, 2010

sitting on a nest

Don't worry, still here. Just doing a lot of resting, amazed by my husband who has helped out so much. I am larger than life but finding that watching soccer is the cure all for being so close to having a baby (except when contractions start because I'm so into the game. They stop though, and life keeps going) Just found out that little bean is in between breech and where he should be. (in my hip) Hoping he moves to the right place soon or no induction, just a lovely C-section. Never had one before, but thankful I have a husband at home who could help if need be.

I'll be 29 on Monday: which feels odd. When I was a kid 30 seemed so old, and now it's not that far off. 29 is the age you tell people for the rest of your life, so I'd better enjoy this year. Five babies... can't complain there! Married to a great husband for almost 8 years... no complaints there. I am thankful for all that the Lord has given me.

Meanwhile, the temp is in amazingly high numbers, we've fried an egg on the sidewalk, watching library movies and yes... I'm sitting on my nest and can't wait to meet this new one.