Friday, May 21, 2010

The Art of Dressing Up

These are my children... and to say they are obsessed with dressing up, would be putting it lightly. It amazes me how they pretend. They can easily be two or three characters at the same time. Princess Butttercup quickly turns to Lucy Pevensy or Susan and her bow of arrows. Star Wars comes to life with the biggest fan of the movie I have ever met, and a small two year old (who has an ear infection) can put on a cape and find powers to fly around the room faster than he did before the cape appeared. (although I'm sure antibiotics are also helping). I'm not sure why, but they love to pretend that someone is very sick and they must nurse them back to life. One drop of Lucy's potion and they are cured back to full health and able once again to defeat the white witch. And there are the boys who adore "dying" by the sword. (or screwdriver made into a sword, or really whatever they can find that somehow resembles a sword, gun, or lightsaber). It's funny to watch a three year old little girl whom I can never get to clean anything, turn into Snow white who is merrily dusting the elves home and singing "I'm Wishing". These things are dear to a mother's heart and although I know this stage won't last forever, I really wouldn't mind if it still lasted a long time.

My superhero:

Star Wars in all it's glory! (and red galoshes!)

A peasant girl growing flowers, and meeting Prince Charming.

And this one: could she look more like Snow White?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Being in between 31 and 32 weeks pregnant, it seems an eternity before this baby is born and yet I am ancy to meet Soeren and nesting impulses being what they are, nesting was done. Freshly washed stacks and baskets of little guy's clothes, cloth diapers, burp cloths and recieving blankets all ready to be used.

As summer looms round the bend (and it certainly is already here in Phoenix!) I thought a fun scene to greet people as they come through the front door would be nice. You see, I always put something seasonal in this place.(spring blossoms, fall leaves, Christmas lovelies) So (and maybe it is so far away that it sounds so nice) I put a beachy scene with sea shells. Just a little extra niceness to the home: the children are enchanted by it and that makes it all the better!

Monday, May 17, 2010

2 and 5

Sunday was the boys birthday. Yes, that's right: they share the same birthday! (three years apart) We decided on a pirate/star wars/thomas the train party. (couldn't leave anybody out!)
Here is the cake I made. A chocolate rich cake made with honey instead of sugar. And a cream cheese frosting with black food dye (I used ridiculous amounts to get the color just right) I'm not by any stretch of the imagination a cake decorator, but kids never figure that stuff out and they love it anyway!)

Light sabor and Star Wars books...
And a very cool new bike!

Melissa and Doug wooden tool kit..

And Thomas the Train...
which still has not left his side!
Oh and I had one of those "cause and effect" realization moments after the kids dug into the cake. Black frosting.... black mouths. Like something from the Lord of the Rings (or the band- KISS), it was a little unreal!

We had so much fun! A memorable day to be sure!