Thursday, February 23, 2012

spring comes early

I live in the desert, it can be hot here, it can get downright freezing here, it is dry here. And there are times and seasons when our spirituality can feel the same way, such a fluctuation of "temperatures", such a "dryness" of soul. This week has been hard, and when I say hard, it is like the ground on a day in August in the desert: when the land is parched and cracked and there seems no hope, no life, no rain, just dust. But then the Creator comes and with one touch of His hand, he makes all the hurting and fear and worry go away. Just one touch! An incredible wonder has happened in a life of one I hold dear. A repentance, a miracle, a growing....a SPRING! God has taken all the pain and turned it into the most beautiful springtime boquet. He has made all things new, placed His hand on a dead branch and made it burst into blossom. He has turned my mourning into laughter. I am Lucy and I was in a ship in an island of fog and I can't see, and I've screamed "Aslan, Aslan, if ever you loved us at all, send us help now". And I hear his voice, like an albatross over head, in a soft, gentle, "delicious" voice, in the middle of the dark say to me "Courage, dear heart". And in those few moments, the darkness is.......gone! I am praising God right now, for this early Spring, may it ever flourish and grow. After all, we were all once dead in our trespasses and sins and His RESURRECTING LIFE has made us alive!

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