Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lent and the forgiveness of sins

This year we are really trying to reflect on Lent. What does it mean? Why do we observe it? Here is an excellent post from one of my favorite people on Lent. And here is another one of her posts on Forgiveness, something which is raw and real to my heart right now. Oh the hurting, oh the reflection on my own sin, the thankfulness for God's ultimate forgiveness and how I MUST do the same. He blots out our sins, He remembers them no longer. I am empty, I am broken, I write the names in dust, I wipe them away and I forgive and sometimes I keep writing the same name and wiping it away. Forgiveness is a cycle, it needs to happen constantly, not just once: for we are fallen humans in need of a Savior. Jesus does it perfectly, once, and IT IS FINISHED. I am so thankful, and I am observing lent this season.

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