Monday, August 1, 2011

July's Eucharisteo List

So I finally finished reading the book. It is a fabulous book in so many ways, something I should have read years ago. You can find Ann's blog here . An inspiring blog. I started printing out her Eucharisteo list (or thanks to the Lord) and we all found things to be thankful for during the month. I will continue doing this. It's wonderful seeing the whole family putting things on the list of what they're thankful for. Cultivating a life of thanks is something that needs to begin early. Here are tidbits of thanks for the month of July.
*Children snuggling with Daddy(watching funny video's on his phone)
*babies playing with bowls and spoons on the kitchen floor
*Eddrick is thankful for being healthy
*Abigail is thankful for really good food
*Daddy is thankful for his boys and girls and their differences
*blackberry pancakes
*handmade stationary from Grandma, drawn by her
*four year olds that color Renoir, but making the colors like a Lautrec
*the morning light coming through the kitchen window
*exciting school project
*the Lord's faithful provisions
*the city of Phoenix
*our local church, the body of Christ
*Lox and bagels
*Booming Thunder
*the morning after a rainstorm: everything is clean and sparkly
*a grey, stormy sky
*toothless grins
*caring dentists
*mother and son dates
*the sound of rain on the windows
*baby fingers with mushy bananas between them
*bouquets of lavender
*wine on sale
*the feel of bread dough in your hands
*a three year old's need for Snoopy, the cute way he pleads for it before bedtime
*summer vegetables
*basil plants
*watching stock car races with my son
*the gentle hum of a ceiling fan and it's lullabye effect

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