Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dog days

I took this picture yesterday after getting back into my car in the Walmart parking lot. To say that "I'm miserable", would be putting it lightly. And also, this week was a toughy. Our AC's compressor died and we are finally back in our home after a little less than a week of camping out with others. The house said 95 when we made the decision to get out of our house, I just couldn't bear another minute at the house. We had some interesting times, challenging times, moments when I felt like collapsing on the floor of someone else's house and just crying like a toddler. Sometimes being a responsible 30 year old is hard, sometimes being a Mommy of 5 is hard (who am I kidding, sometimes?), living out of a suitcase can be challenging (especially when you're a homebody such as myself), but my emotions were getting the best of me and I had to sit there, not answer anybody and just breath and put up one of those "S.O.S prayers" to the Lord. But then He answered in such a great way too. We also got to stay with some friends who made life "refreshing". Board games, chocolate chip cookies, pool time, lots of laughter, etc was like water to my soul. I was at my snapping point and the Lord was gracious. I'm thankful for dear brothers and sisters in the Lord who bring home God's Word in an active and lively manner. I'm now home, in the cool, the kids are catching up on school and I'm catching up on laundry; but I am so thankful for the AC. We've learned something through all of this: never live in a place that is unlivable if you don't have an AC! Oh well, learning to be content in whatever "State" I'm in, even Arizona!

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Luma said...

We've been wondering how you all were doing and were told that you were at someone's house. Our house is way too big for us, you would have been more than welcome to come stay here. :-)