Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Trip to Sedona with friends

We had a wonderful time yesterday on a short trip to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon with some friends. It was breathtakingly beautiful and a whole lot cooler than Phoenix. I felt so refreshed!
Columbine growing alongside the creek.
A cute one of Aiden
I loved this one of Abigail. So serene!
Abigail took this one herself. Very Ansel Adams if I do say so!

My blue eyed cutie pie
Eddrick loved all the dirt!
The gorgeous red rocks and trees.
Hiking buddies!
Eddrick loved this, I think it was a boyhood dream come true to find a path, a door and a cool cave inside!

We love Sedona!


Q said...


Margaret in VA said...

I would want to sit out there and read My Side of the Mountain aloud! I can't wait to see all of Christine's pictures and I know that seeing your family has been one of the highlights of the trip!

erin said...

wow! how funny! it is quite a small world indeed! i looked at your blogroll, and i have so many of those same blogs bookmarked! ah, the internet :) your family is beautiful!

Luma said...

Tell Abigail she rocks! I LOVE that picture she took.