Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Motherhood and the Mysteries of Life

This is Soeren! We were delighted to receive our 3D ultrasound yesterday. It was very hard getting to see him as he loved his fists in his face, at one point I thought he was trying to poke his eyes and said "stop that!". It really is so miraculous and beautiful though and such a special moment for Jake and I. Delighted to see he really is a Moya (notice the nose and head shape- such a Moya) He weighs in at a little over 3.5 pounds right now.
We had a funny moment in the doctor's office right after: the nurse mentioned my glucose test from last time and said "your sugar is actually really low" and then added "you need to be eating more often"- to which Jake and I burst into laughter. I think that task is already being accomplished! I can't wait to hold this little guy, in the meantime I'm making these...

burp cloths in such fun colors!

Mothers Day was fantastic: my sweet husband and children know how much I've been craving citrus in this pregnancy. Really, I can't get enough of the stuff. My favorite thing to drink is a mixture of Sparkling Mineral Water and Grapefruit juice. So delicious! I woke up to a citrus themed house, all decorated with love for Mama. Breakfast in bed was wonderful and topped off with an orange julius (Yum!) and fresh squeezed lemonade. This lady was happy!

I couldn't get over how cute this card was from Abi. Notice the very round and pregnant Mama. It just melted my heart! Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day too!


maxine said...

I guess I need to try this again.
I loved everything about this post. Little Soren is adorable. I teared up when I saw him. What a wonder! Then I thought, Oh look another little grandone.I love him already. I loved the Mother's Day pictures.Abi's card was perfect(!!!!) :-D I love y'all.

Luma said...

Woohoo! I think you're going to enjoy blogging.

JMC said...

LOVE the baby burp cloths!!