Thursday, May 13, 2010

Family Room makeover (mini)

This is what my family room looked like before, a little too much red and too much brown and I was getting sick of looking at so much red. I think it's a great accent color, but primary needed a change.

And this poor sad chair and it's drabby cushions had seen it's last days.

I found this gorgeous fabric at IKEA awhile back. It's the kind of fabric you get goosebumps over. I loved it so much and have not (until now) had the heart to cut up the fabric. Just so beautiful. But this was deserving of such fabric.


The cushions had some pretty new pillows made and the old cushion covers put back on (and cleaned) Yes, it's a tiny makeover, but a refreshing break to the way it was. Ahhh, much better.


Q said...

LOVE those little lovelies that a Mom at home can do to keep things cheery in her castle. I have a couch and love seat that used to be cream colored and is in desperate need of something drastic,and am encouraged by your post.

JMC said...

Lovely, Julia!

maxine said...
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maxine said...

BTW my new Google blog is entitled
"Old Ewe"
That would be me.

elizabethgross said...

Jules! I used that EXACT same fabric for an apron! We have the same taste! I love it!

Luma said...

I love that fabric, I've seen it before at IKEA. You did an awesome job and you just built God's kingdom in your house before your family. Keep it up!

julie said...

That Ikea fabric looks great on your chair. Nice work!

julie k