Monday, March 19, 2012

lots of red and pink going on...

Some of my children have pink eye. Just when we thought we were done with one kid and a few days had passed, along comes another kid. We also have colds and sore throats. More changing of the sheets, lysoling here, there and everywhere: part of the territory with motherhood. But the weather has been chilly and so we don't mind snuggling in and mending. This weekend I dusted off some projects I've been meaning to do, as well as some yummy ones I've been wanting to do.
I made apple chips..using this recipe. They don't last long in our house. Everyone devours them at quite a quick pace! These are organic. These are addicting.
I also made an apple pie. It's been awhile. Pie has it's own healing properties.

I found a desk on the side of the road in our neighborhood the other day. We were in great need of an extra one. This one was going to go to the trash if someone didn't take it. My hubby grabbed it and fixed it up. I would show you the before and after, but the before was plain wood covered with teenager graffiti. The kind with stupid Justin Beeber lyrics and silly pictures drawn everywhere. So I'm just going to show you the beautiful after... Voila!
(ignore the ugly cords, I'm going to make a small curtain or something to cover up those bad boys)

The other project I worked on all day. It was something I've literally probably needed to do for about five years now.Confession: I am really bad about seeing some great recipe online, printing it out and sticking it in some cookbook or in it's own growing pile. So I finally bit the bullet, organized them all, three-hole-punched them, put them in their own binders with tabs to extra-organize them. I know, it would have been an easy task to do awhile back, but we're talking hundreds of recipes, so ya, it took awhile.
Here is the finished product. Ahhh, much better!
What projects have you been doing???

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Smithmommy8 said...

SO inspiring! Nice job, Mama!