Thursday, July 21, 2011

cool idea!

I love these little tea lights from IKEA! They smell so lovely and so good and I'm always lighting them around our place in little vases or jars. They really are the best. But the packaging and such is a little messy, not a fan of bagged tea lights, and if you try to keep them in the package they seem to get all over the place. So...I found a great way to upcycle what I normally would have put in the trash.....
Enter: the Cascade box. Yes, I know, they are not the most eco-friendly of detergents, butcha' know what? They actually clean the plates!
Walla! A great holder for those tea-lights and the lid is perfect for easy access. These babies would make great crayon holders, button holders, really anything, but I've found them to fit a whole package of tea lights. yay!

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