Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soeren Titus Ezekiel Moya

Soeren Titus Ezekiel Moya was born at 10:10 pm on July 13th. Weighing in at 7 lbs 10oz, and 20 inches long. It was a long labor, but we are glad to finally have our little guy. He is doing marvelously healthy and I am slowly recovering. Thank you for all of your prayers.


Q said...

OH! We've been waiting for this, thank you so much for posting. Praying that your recovery goes quickly, that you're getting a little sleep, and that your other children are being especially good while you're newly busy with Soeren!

Laurel said...

Oh Julia, he is just beautiful. Looks like a true Moya baby! I have been waiting to see him, thank you for posting pictures. May the Lord grant you a quick recovery!

Dianna said...

He reminds me of Aiden...I'm sorry the labor was so long, but now he's here and oh so precious! Enjoy and savor these amazing times as much as possible, friend!