Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Eating Wheatabix and Drinking Orange Pekoe Tea.
Kids are playing with puzzles
and I'm in the process of making a tea cozy and embroidering a tea towel with a picture of grapes and a wine bottle.
Listening to a college radio station playing a garage band that sounds like postal service.
Currently reading "Idols of the Heart" and chapter 5 is really applying to my life! Yikes, conviction!
It is raining and beautiful in a dark and gloomy kind of way.


grace said...

So happy to see you here!
Looks great so far. But then again anything with those cute faces on it is going to be.

nicole said...

Hey darling! Your site is so nice looking -- good work! You said you wanted to mess around with the templates, right? When you're working on your blog, there should be a tab called "template" and you can choose another. Although it will save your posts and colors, it will default back to old fonts, etc. so you'll have to change that again. That font I used was one we had on our computer. Love you!

nicole said...

And you are too cool for making a tea cozy! I've been wanting to make a cozy for my french press. Now I just might!

nicole said...

I promise, promise, promise this will be my last comment today, but: may I have your email address?

maxine said...

Have fun at the ballet you two ballerinas. How precious of the Lord to give you that! Treasure it! I love you. Mom