Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Ballet

I won tickets to the Moscow School of Ballet's version of Cinderella off of the radio. I took Abigail last night and we had the time of our lives. It was so much fun looking at everything through the eyes of a child. She oooed and awwwed over everything and when a ballerina would come out with a sparkly outfit (the fairy godmother) she said "Pwetttyyyyyy". She marvelously sat through the whole thing and we had a magical evening just the two of us. She wore her pretty white dress and the pink cloak that her Aunt made her and she looked priceless. As we walked into the place, everyone stopped and said "Oh she's soooo cute!" Little Abigail had everyone's attention and even during the performance people kept looking at Abigail who was taking it all in and loving it. Right before the ballet started, one woman turned around and did a little clap to Abi and said "Oh goodie, it's about to start!" to which Abi gave a little squeel of glee!(and everyone laughed). Our tickets were amazing, we were in the third row and in the very center. You couldn't have asked for better seats! What a marvelous gift from God to "His girls".


grace said...

Oh my goodness what fun Jules!
I was influenced by ballet at an early age and became a dancer because of it! Maybe abigail will do the same.
The owl are not mine, but they do look like fun to make. I think the wonderful girl over there at moonstiches might have some directions of some sort. Have a good start to your week.
p.s. so fun having you on blogger as well. ;)

nicole said...

Yes! Now I have addict-support! You are right, it works much better than anything else. I just started using their Raspberry and Brazil Nut shampoo and it works so well and smells so great.

Ah, the ballet. I'm so happy to hear you both had a joyous time. That takes me back to my years of dance - now if I only still had a dancer's body, ha.